lunes, febrero 21, 2011

Colombian Slang

Aqui una ayuda para que los extranjeros puedan entender mejor nuestros dichos:

• I didn't understand potato (I didn't understand a potato) = no entendí ni papa
• To the hair! = al pelo!
• It misses me spider (it wonders me, spider) = me extraña, araña
• What's up with you, cracked-feet indian= que le pasa, indio pati-rajao
• Pass me the haver = pasame el tenedor (mi lógica: have = tener, haver = tenedor)
• I am unpatched = estoy desparchado
• That guy falls me fat = ese tipo me cae gordo
• My friends are a ticket = mis amigos son una boleta
• They want to pass me by the cookie = me quieren pasar por la galleta
• It figured me to camel = me figuró camellar
• What a wet cat! = que mojigato!
• Today I ate overbelly with bonus bread = hoy comí sobrebarriga con pandebonos
• Batteries! = pilas!
• Don't be so waterparties = no seas tan aguafiestas
• Your singing wing costs me egg = tu cantaleta me vale huevo (mi lógica: cantaleta = canta-aleta = singing wing)
• We have to be fly, crazy (There's to be fly, crazy) = hay que estar mosca, loco
• I didn't fall in the count = no caí en cuenta
• Are you drinking of my hair? = me estás tomando del pelo?
• The fat lady went Rambo = se armó la gorda
• Frying pan chinese, the cow bit you = paila chino, lo mordio la vaca
• She stayed with the curlies done = se quedó con los crespos hechos
• I got pigskinated = me enchicharronaron
• She's a technology hit and run (she's run over by technology) = la atropella la tecnologia
• There you are painted = ahi estás pintado
• Too many catfish in this skewered beef = demasiados bagres en este chuzo
• I have an edge = tengo un filo
• It touched me go to leg (I touched me to go by she-duck) = me tocó irme a pata
• Stop making the bear: Pare de hacer el oso
• You are a catskinner: Tu eres un pelagatos
• Stop sucking my rooster: Pare de mamarme gallo
• Stop my balls!: Pareme bolas!
• What a ticket!!: Que boleta!
• Very much lentil = mucha lenteja

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jajajaja... está muy bueno.. y es hasta lógico..